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Choose your style, choose your origin, choose your coffee- After all, life's too short to drink bad coffee.

With over thirty varieties of coffee to choose from, Cruze Coffee have one to suit your taste & style. We all have our own preferences, especially when it comes to coffee, why not have fun & choose at Cruze. From original Cruze blends to single origins and flavoured, there is always a coffee that will spoil the tastebuds & get the heart starting! At Cruze Coffee, the goal is simple; to deliver fresh coffee, quality service & to inspire all those as passionate as them!

Let them make you a coffee you can't refuse...after all, life's too short to drink bad coffee!

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Store Information
    • Monday 7:45am - 4pm
      Tuesday 7:45am - 4pm
      Wednesday 7:45am - 4pm
      Thursday 7:45am - 4pm
      Friday 7:45am - 4pm
      Saturday 7:45am - 4pm
      Sunday 9am - 3pm