Fun Things to do these Spring School Holidays!

Looking for some fun kids school holiday activities this Spring? Read out top tips on things to do locally and fun events happening at Smithfield Shopping Centre.

  • 1 Sep 2023
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Scratching your head for school holiday activities? We’ve got you covered with some fun ideas that will get the kids out of the house without costing a fortune. Plus, we share all the feel-good activities and events happening at Smithfield Shopping Centre this Spring. Let’s take a look!

Go for a hike

Swap screens for vibrant greens with a day outdoors. Walking in nature is bound to boost the feel-good vibes (and tucker those little legs out). Better still, it’s free! Check out your local hiking areas for some kid-friendly tracks.

Hiking essentials: Fit your kids out with thick socks, comfy shoes, a long-sleeved top, a hat, sunscreen, water bottles and mozzie-repellent. 

  • Pick up your sunscreen and mosquito repellent at Priceline.
  • Need new-season hats, shoes or shirts? Visit Kmart or Surf Dive 'n Ski to peruse the options.

Make it a movie day

Movies are always a great entertainer and circuit breaker from the everyday routine. Head into Event Cinemas at Smithfield Shopping Centre to see what’s featuring over the holidays and add it to the calendar. 

On a budget? Who isn’t! Organise your snacks before you go. Grab some goodies at Coles or Woolworths for fresh fruit to snack on during the film.

Hit the beach

There’s nothing like hitting the beach after a long, chilly winter. To get ready for your first dose of sun for the season, you may need to hit the shops for a few essentials: 

  • Factor 50 sunscreen? Visit Priceline or Alive Discount Pharmacy
  • Long-sleeved rashies? Try Surf Dive 'n Ski.
  • Beach towels and hats? Kmart and Surf Dive 'n Ski will be your best bet.
  • What about some fun beach toys if your tots are still tiny? Check out Kmart.

Indulge in a little pampering

Who says school holiday activities can’t be fun to parents and carers too? Why not take your mini me along for a pedicure – try Classy Nails, Natural Nails & Beauty or Wave Nails Beauty Spa. Or DIY the spa session at home with a pedicure kit and nail polish from Priceline or Alive Discount Pharmacy

Throw in a refreshing sheet mask for an at-home facial. Heavenly!

Have a doggy dress-up party

Why not invite some pooch-loving neighbours and friends to a doggy dress-up party at your local park? It’s a fun, feel-good way to enjoy the spring sunshine and exercise your dog. Plus, the kids can have hours of fun creating costume ideas.

Cute, affordable dog costumes are everywhere these days — check out Petbarn for fun options. But improvising at home is just as fun. Let the kids raid the cupboards for clothing and accessories and watch the hilarity unfold.


  • Ensure that the costume will stay on and won’t hurt your pup
  • Check that no parts of the costume can be swallowed by the dog
  • Bring along some ribbon or tape for any quick fixes required (avoid safety pins)


Bring water bowls and recycled tidy up bags in case the dog park have run out – you can stock up at Kmart

Visit us at Smithfield Shopping Centre for more school holiday fun

We’ve got some fantastic, fun-filled activities for your kids these spring school holidays. Head into Smithfield Shopping Centre this September and check out what’s on offer. 

Get gardening

Introducing your kids to the garden is good fun and surprisingly rewarding. Connecting with nature, smelling flowers in the sunshine, that squishy sensory experience of sand—it’s all special stuff.  Plus, discovering how fresh shoots grow with care, patience, and attention teaches them a valuable life lesson about effort and reward.

Try these fun ideas:

  • Decorate an egg carton, pop in some soil, then plant seedlings 
  • Regrow celery stalks—place them in a plate of water and watch the shoot begin to pop out
  • Paint recycled tin cans in pretty colours and punch holes at the bottom to make your own self-draining planters
  • Build a shape out of sponges, such as a tiny house, wet the sponge and embed it with grass seeds. Water daily and watch it transform!

With a little creativity, there are plenty of things you can do while staying local. Pop in and see us at Smithfield Shopping Centre to check out some of the fun kids’ activities we’ve got happening. 

Find out what’s happening at Smithfield Shopping Centre these spring school holidays   - View schedule and activities.