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Great Barrier Reef Foundation 

New Video Game Helping Raise Funds

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation has partnered with international gaming-for-good leaders Sankari Studios to launch a new video game so anyone with a smartphone can help protect the Great Barrier Reef.

The game is free to download and play  from the App Store and the GooglePlay Store. Players earn points by exploring underwater ecosystems, managing resources, completing quests and combating threats. The game also acts as an educational tool, providing insights to players about the threats facing the Reef as they conquer various levels.

Philanthropists convert in-game points into real-world funding that goes directly towards the Foundation’s work to regenerate 250 hectares of critical seagrass meadows on the Reef. The more people play, the more funding goes to helping the Reef survive the impacts of climate change.

Plant A Coral and Donate Today

Another way to support The Great Barrier Reef is to Plant a Coral. If we don't act now, healthy coral reefs could vanish from Earth in our lifetime. Donate to Plant a Coral today and help restore the Reef, by clicking HERE.