Dreamy Study Zone

Create an inspiring, organised space to maximise creativity and make completing homework more pleasant (not guaranteed)

Study Zone Hero.jpg

We’re about to take you on a magical journey, so sit back and relax. Imagine arriving home from school, your child unpacking their school bag without prompting, grabbing themselves a snack and skipping to their study zone to happily complete their homework. We promise it’s not an alternate universe, read on to see how this could be your 2023!

The Drop Zone

Create a special spot for your child to take off their shoes, hang up their jacket, empty their bag and store it neatly ready for tomorrow. Add a whiteboard or digital calendar so they’re about to keep track of library and sports day.

Reading Corner

Encourage reading with a relaxing area and plenty of story options to choose from. Add a lamp for a calming atmosphere to wind down before bed.

Study Space

Your two mottos when designing this space:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Storage is key.

Deciding on your colour theme should be your first point of call, we’re vibing textured white, blush pinks or mint this summer, why not create yourself a mood board to stay on track?

You might like to consider in a standing desk, letting their fidgets out can help kids to stay focused, plus they’re sitting for long hours in a school day so this could be the perfect way to keep them interested. Keep the drawers neat and tidy with specific pencil cases for pencils, textas and pens. Pop a short pile rug underneath the chair wheels to protect your carpet or any accidents on hard floors.

Where? For primary aged children, if you have the space, you may like to have a desk set-up in your main living area. The after-school rush can be hectic, keeping you connected during home work and dinner preparation time could be key to a smooth sailing evening.


This is a great opportunity to introduce some multipurpose gadgets built to last. From wireless charging for devices, headphones and watches, a Google home for tricky questions or a clock that diffuses focus or relaxing scents, we have everything in store to get you started.