Summer Outdoors

Summer Tip: keep a beach bag packed with the essentials in the boot so you’re always prepared for fun!

Beach Ready Hero.jpg

Sunshine, the ocean breeze and your toddler eating sand… Packing for a beach day can be an absolute mission especially if you have little ones in tow. Launch into summer at Smithfield Shopping Centre with all you need for the ultimate day under the sun, plus tips and tricks to ensure a day of smooth sailing.

  1. Create a beach check list in your phone that you can refer to all summer long to make sure you don’t forget any essentials.
  2. Late afternoon swim? Bring your eco body wash and give the kids an outdoor shower before throwing on their pyjamas – nothing to do when you arrive home!
  3. Talcum Powder – have a bottle handy, it’s great at removing sand.
  4. Suncream – applying to babies and toddlers is no easy feat, try using a makeup brush.
  5. Leave a few frozen bottles of water in the car. They’ll be defrosted and icey cold ready for you to guzzle and replenish on the way home.
  6. Turkish Towels – they take up much less room in the beach bag and dry quickly.
  7. Invest in a sand friendly tote and beach mat and a mesh bag for beach toys that you can give a good shake before popping in the boot.
  8. Shade – yes, we know the pop-up tents can be annoying but having a space for kids to snack and take a sun break is super important.