AW22 Trend: Boots For Days

Brace yourself, big boot energy is here!

  • 10 May 2022
  • by
  • Smithfield

There’s a certain style of footwear making it’s way across the pavement this winter. Brace yourself ladies BIG BOOT ENERGY IS HERE!!

The trend isn’t limited just to utility boots and high riders, we’re seeing iterations of wander-sized gum boots snow boots and big soled just about everything! It’s a complete departure from a slim refined shoe, the bigger, the bulkier the better.

The winter will see you reaching for footwear baring a striking resemblance to the Doc’s you saw in the 90’s or the moon boots you see on the slopes. It’s a little bit of anything goes in the boots category, but the one consistent theme circling around is that they MUST be big!

It’s time to “Pump up the volume” and pull out your big, big boots, because being a maximalist is to be embraced. Chunky is in, and here to stay for a while.

When creating an outfit, begin with the big boot and go BOLD, don’t hesitate to grunge out a feminine flowing dress or a baby doll and rockstar your way through the depths of winter, trudging around in your big boots.

  • Style your big boots with:
  • • Absolutely everything in your wardrobe.
  • • Little cutesy dresses and with romantic long dresses.
  • • A puffer and chunky knitwear.
  • • Chic suiting for work.