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Editorial Back to School 2021

Posted on 6 January by

10 Back to School Tips for Parents!

With the summer holidays hurtling towards an end, and school once again appearing on the horizon, many parents are now turning their attention to the ways they can help prepare their child to go back to school.

As you may already know, persuading your child that school is going to be fun after a summer of swimming, football and anything else they may have been getting up to is going to be difficult, but that is why we are here to help with our Top 10 back to school tips for parents!


1. Watch out for growth spurts: Sort out their uniform well in advance and ensure that school shoes are worn in before the big day. Best & Less, Kmart and Williams the Shoeman have specialist staff on hand to assist.

2. Do some fun learning activities to get back into the swing of things.

Here’s some fun maths games and activities you can download

3. Get a tutor to help prevent the summer slide.

4. Talk to them about the new school year.

5. Encourage your child to regain some of their independence.

6. Talk enthusiastically about school to build up excitement and include them in the selection of their school supplies by allowing them to choose a personalised pencil case at one of our retailers. Kmart and Nextra News has a great supply on offer.

7. Create a sleep routine in advance  to help them get their term-time sleeping patterns back on track.

8. Organise some play dates with friends that will be in their class to relieve anxiety on the day.

9. Plan for the unexpected, something 2020 has taught us. 

10. Run through and practice the things your child will be covering in the year.


One of the most daunting things facing a child in the run up to school is all the new knowledge that will be coming their way. With lots of things to learn, it can be a little overwhelming if children are not adequately prepared before they head into the classroom. 

Fortunately though, you can help!

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